Meet the Team

Pete and Mick, the founders of Your Local School have been helping raise funds for the P&C at Annandale North Public School since their children started kindy, way back in 2012.

Noticing the huge amount of effort that is put in by the P&C, the parents who volunteer their time and the unbelievable number of cupcakes that get made each year, they searched for an initiative of their own that would help.

In the 2015 festive season, the duo wholesaled fifty Christmas trees and sold them as a P&C fundraiser. Eight years, and many, many December tree collection days later, the team are now selling over a thousand Christmas trees each year and hundreds of Christmas puddings, raising much-needed funds for more than 20 local schools.

The support of your P&C helps to make our children's school experience as rewarding and memorable as possible. They are responsible for great projects that enhance our school's and enrich the learning experience of our children. With such big plans, comes the necessity to continually raise money through the school community.

We founded Your Local School on the same philosophy as the annual Christmas Tree fundraiser – find items that school communities need, wholesale these items and direct profits back to the P&C to support ongoing projects.

At Your Local School we are thrilled to be able to continue our support of the local school community. 

Happy shopping & fundraising,

Pete and Mick