ANPS Principal Welcome

At Annandale North Public School we have an individualised approach to uniforms. Our philosophy is that students need to be comfortable in what they wear to school, it is fit for the physical activity they will participate in during the day and it is gender-neutral so that everyone can wear what they want and families can pass on uniforms to younger siblings more easily. 

Students need to wear a maroon top and grey bottoms. The maroon shirt comes in long and short sleeves. With the variable weather, there are no hard rules about summer and winter uniforms. Students are encouraged to wear the one which is most appropriate on the day. There are several options available for the grey bottoms and all students are welcome to wear the one they feel most comfortable in – shorts, culottes, or trousers.

A summer dress and checked winter skirt are also options for students. Many students wear leggings or bike shorts under dresses and skirts so that they can be active during the day.

Grey socks go with grey bottoms, white socks go with summer dresses. Shoes need to be black – buckles, laces or Velcro as needed.

Sports uniform comprises of maroon top and maroon shorts or track pants, as appropriate to the weather.

There are a range of jumpers and jackets, cotton and fleece – all are optional.

A broad-brimmed school hat needs to be worn daily all year round. Hat on, play on!


Sam Nicol, Principal
Annandale North Public School